Textile designer Anne Mette Bech, Aarhus, DK – 2015


Custome-designed Room Divider – 2010

Commissioned by Indian customer . Fire retardant white sail cloth, LED lighting element

Byggecenter Middelfart, DK – 2010

Café Environment

Steel Mesh Pendant Lamps – Rio

Café Englen (Angel), Aarhus, DK – 2009

2 luminous clouds for the angels

Atelier lighting, Aarhus, DK – 2009

Specially designed B3

6 pc. B3 sailcloth pendants mounted in high gloss painted white MDF plate

Ice Hotel – Jukkasjärvi, Sweden – 2007

Sculptural sailcloth lighting in reception & rooms

Regional Council, Viborg, DK – 2006

Loftet /Ceiling – Decoration of the ceiling in Region Midt’s meeting room

Commission won in prequalification round and ordered by the Regional Council in Viborg. Solved in collaboration with the architects SHL, Aarhus, DK

Reception at Region Midt, Viborg, DK – 2006

Custome made receptions lighting

Design Company Vipp A/S, CPH, DK – 2004

Custom designed lighting for inner stairway

Design Company VIPP A/S, CPH, DK – 2004

Custom designed lighting

Design Company Vipp A/S, CHP, DK – 2002/2004

Texture – Commissioned decoration

4 hand woven art pieces and 1 cast paper object

Dinesen Flooring  A/S, CHP, DK – 2004

Luminous Clouds – B3 sailcloth lamps mounted in mirror ceiling

Danisco A/S, Aarhus, DK – 2004

Sign – 2 major art works  – executed in cooperation with the architectural firm SHL – Aarhus, DK

Aarhus Tech, Aarhus, DK – 1997

Alfons Aaberg & His Dad, Commissioned by Aarhus County Municipality

2 woven fiber optic carpets with 16 mm film strips won in prequalification round

Skejby University Hospital, Aarhus, DK – 1998

Without Titel – commissioned by Aarhus County Municipality

One woven work of 24 m2, and a smaller piece with light. Decoration of stairway Area  chosen in a pre-qualification round

Testrup Hoejskole, Maarslet, DK – 2004


Commissioned by Testrup Hoejskole