Textile designer Anne Mette Bech, Aarhus, DK – 2015


Custom-designed Room Divider – 2010

Commissioned by Indian Customer – Fire Retardant White Sail SlotCh, LED Lighting Element

Byggecenter Middelfart, DK – 2010

Café Environment

Steel Mesh Pendant Lamps – Rio

Café Englen (the Angel), Aarhus, DK – 2009

2 luminous clouds for the angels

Atelier lighting, Aarhus, DK – 2009

Specially designed B3

6 pc. B3 sailcloth pendants mounted in high gloss painted white MDF plate

Ice Hotel – Jukkasjärvi, Sweden – 2007

Sculptural sailcloth lighting in reception & rooms

Regional Council, Viborg, DK – 2006

Loftet /Ceiling – Decoration of the ceiling in Region Midt’s meeting room

Commission won in prequalification round and ordered by the Regional Council in Viborg. Solved in collaboration with the architects SHL – Aarhus, DK

Reception at Region Midt, Viborg, DK – 2006

Custome made receptions lighting

Design Company Vipp A/S, CPH, DK – 2004

Custom designed lighting for inner stairway

Design Company VIPP A/S, CPH, DK – 2004

Custom designed lighting

Design Company Vipp A/S, CHP, DK – 2002/2004

Texture – Commissioned decoration

4 hand woven art pieces and 1 cast paper object

Dinesen Flooring  A/S, CHP, DK – 2004

Luminous Clouds – B3 sailcloth lamps mounted in mirror ceiling

Danisco A/S, Aarhus, DK – 2004

Sign – 2 major art works of  – executed in cooperation with the architectural firm SHL – Aarhus, DK

Aarhus Tech, Aarhus, DK – 1997

Alfons Aaberg & His Dad, Commissioned by Aarhus County Municipality

2 woven fiber optic carpets with 16 mm film strips won in prequalification round

Skejby University Hospital, Aarhus, DK – 1998

Without Titel – Commissioned by Aarhus County Municipality

OneWoven Work of 24 m2, and a Smaller Piece with Light. Decoration of Stairway Area  Chosen in a Pre-qualification Round

Testrup Hoejskole, Maarslet, DK – 2004


Commissioned by Testrup Hoejskole