Four Seasons – 2018

  • Media: Wall Sculpture/Installation
  • Dimension: H: 190 cm x W: 160 x D: 17 cm
  • Technique: Fiber content/handmade paper
  • Material: Hand-made iron-thread skeleton parts covered with handmade paper, polished oil crayon, organic glue, warm white- & blue LEDs, led driver, 2.50m cord with plug


Piedra de la Sangre, 2017

Media: Wall Hung Sculpture

Dimension: H: 155; W: 75; D: 20 cm

Material: Molded Paper, Oxidized Fake Gold Leaf, Red Paper Yarn

Technique: Textile/Mixed Media


Stone, Paper, Scissors – 2016

Media: Sculpture/installation

Dimension: W: 90 x D: 47 x H: 140 cm

Material: Molded hand-made recycled paper, recycled metal support, oil-painting

Technique: Textile





Mothers Potholder , 2016

Three-dimensional wall-hung/free hanging artwork

Dimension: H: 320¸ W: 120; D: 55 cm

Technique: Finger-Knit

Material: Paper Yarn



Shame on you – 2016





New Borders – Old Storry – 2015

Media: Free Hanging Sculpture

Technique: Textile/Finger-knit

Material: 2.5mm Annealed Iron Thread, Silk & Metal Material, Brass Tubes

Support: Steel Wire


Tekst om værket :

The free-hanging work Europe is a protest against a Europe of borders and fences with the intent to prevent immigration and migration.

Medusa – 2015

Media: Sculpture/installation (Free Hanging Object)

Dimension: H: 143 x W: 55 x D: 30 cm

Technique: Textile/Knit

Material: Industrial Wrapping Band

World of Knit – 2014

Media: Sculpture/Installation (wall piece)

Dimension: H: 80 x W: 55 x D: 27 cm

Technique: Textile/Finger-knit

Material: Dismantled Annealed Copper Wire

Scarf – 2014

Media: Sculpture/Installation (wall piece)

Dimension: H: 145 x W: 90 x D: 15 cm

Technique: Textile/Finger-knit

Material: Dismantled, Tinned Copper Sock

Circles Dance, 2013

Media: Sculpture/Installation (floor piece)

Dimension: L: 180 x W: 180 x D: 20 cm

Material: Rubber Bike Tubes

Support: Heavy Metal Thread, Foam

Technique: Textile/Tube Hand-knit

World of thread festival – 2012

Oakville, Ont., Canada


Memento Mori






Gallery Else Marie Jensen – 2010

Kolding, DK


Gold & Rubber

Solo exhibition




Louis Poulsen Lighting – 2004

 Copenhagen, DK



Solo exhibition



Thorsen Moebler – 2006

 Aarhus, DK


Blue Room

Solo exhibition



Oksnehallen – 2002

 Copenhagen, DK


Cloud & Chrystal

Solo exhibition