Commissioned art

Textile designer Annemette Bech

Aarhus, DK – 2014



Knitted Metal Sculpture on Leaf-Gold Wall



The Regional Council Chamber

Viborg, DK – 2006


The Ceiling

Commission won in prequalification round and ordered by the Regional Council in Viborg.

400 m2 round ceiling decoration on brown fire retardant sail cloth decorated with gold-, silver & copper-leaves, oil crayons & optical fibers. Implemented in  cooperation with Architects SHL, Aarhus, DK


Danisco A/S

Edwin Rahrsvej, Aarhus, DK – 2004



Decoration to the entrance area. In collaboration with Architects SHL, Aarhus, DK. Recycled slate stones on silver leaf coated MDF


Vipp A/S

Cph. DK – 2002/2004



4 textile pieces & a moulded paper jar with copper leaf inner side


Aarhus Tech

Aarhus, DK – 1997


Alfons Aaberg & His Dad 

Commissioned by the City Council of Aarhus and chosen in a pre-qualification round. The work consists of two panels the largest on 600 x 80 cm connects two levels. Weaving technique with 16 mm film strips from a children’s film on warp of side-radiant optical fibers



Skejby University Hospital

Aarhus, Denmark – 1996


Decoration of stairway area on Department Y at Skejby University Hospital – chosen in a pre-qualification round. One large woven piece of 24 m2 and a smaller one with light placed on a curved wall


Testrup Hoejskole

Maarslet, DK – 1994



Land Art – originally placed on the large lawn and later moved to the front of a new music- & theatre hall designed by Architect SHL, Aarhus, DK