Lamp design

Lamp design

The organic formed Lamp designs by Danish designer and artist Birgit Oestergaard are inspired by the drifting clouds, icebergs and flowing rivers. Among other materials the lamps are produced from sail cloth and fine stainless steel mesh with fittings from stainless steel and the unconventional materials are the basis to the organic design idiom and sculptural expression. Textiles and textile materials have been used as shielding of the sharp electric light for many years and most famous examples are the traditional rice paper lamps which came on the market in the 60's and became widely accepted as an alternative to the original, expensive designer lamps. The development of a specific area for design lamps began around 1920 when electricity became common and a huge market for new electrical equipment in homes occurred. The electric light opened the spaces as furnishing no longer necessarily had to be placed around the light and warmth and thanks to designers such as George Nelson and Isama Nogucchi new organic lighting designs appeared

Designer Lamps

Designer lamps by Birgit Oestergaard

Birgit Oestergaard has specialized in schulptural lighting design and the organic formed handmade designer lamps are examples of how a single design can have different expressions depending on the styling of the textile lamp shade. Especially lamps made from textile materials such as sail cloth and stainless steel mesh has this unique quality. The textile screen refracts the light and creates soft light throughout the room while the unique closed form hides the bulb. Designer lamps from Birgit Oestergaard are particularly suitable for low-energy light bulbs of any type

Modern Lamps

The term modern lamps are mostly used for lamps made ​​of glass and stainless steel. Modern lamps from Danish artist and designer Birgit Oestergaard continues the story from the old masters of the early 20th century, when qualities like atmosphere, aesthetic value and quality of light were crucial parameters for the final design

Designer Floor Lamps

Designer floor lamps by Birgit Oestergaard

Designer floor lamps from Birgit Oestergaard change the visual expression and add new opportunities for home decor. Location of floor lamps open the spaces and focuses on details like a beautiful floor or a nice carpet and dark corners will be exciting living areas or an interesting eye-catcher